Virus Problems Continue [Administrator message]

From: International Adhesions Society (
Thu Feb 5 21:55:17 2004

According to all the messages I'm getting every time I open my email, my poor pc has had every virus known to computers during the past week. Hmmmm. I can barely find all the posts in the sea of return emails from many of our subscribers email hosts telling me about the virus!

Some days, I miss the typewritter and white-out tape!!

Each message that I forward to the IAS message board is scanned by Norton Anti-Virus to make sure there are no "bugs" tagging along. As you know, this may not always be fool-proof. If you receive a message that indicates I have sent you a virus, PLEASE do not open the email or forward it back to me. This only increases the spreading of the virus. Instead, send a separate email to me to let me know this has happened.

The server hosting our email/website has a ton of filters on it to help block a lot of these types of messages from coming through. But in the technology world, it isn't an exact science just yet.

And, apologies ahead a time.....if you receive these types of emails because you get the individual posts of the message board, they are not being sent intentionally.

I'm in hopes this all goes away soon. My pc is now sitting here with an ice bag on top of the monitor and a blanket wrapped around the CPU and trying to get some rest from the recent virus rampage :)

Tracy IAS Administrator

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