Everyone should read this!!!!!!

From: International Adhesions Society (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Wed Feb 4 07:55:23 2004

From: MSQUADRONI38@aol.com Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 8:06 AM Subject: Re: Everyone should read this!!!!!!


I was very touched by your letter.I have been a suffer for over 12 years really.I have had about 10 surgerys and they are talking about another one. I'm pretty new to this websight myself. I have concered not opting surgery myself.I have had other people talk about this Dr. his name is Dr.Gerhart.He does the invasive surgery.

I currently suffer from IBS,stomach problems and pain on my left and right side. I'm currently not working at this time due to all of this.I'm a CNA and want to go back to school for my RN degree.My husband is patient, but also is wanting me to finish off my career.

I want to be able to function.But I also know that when you have more surgerys,it creates more. I'm not one to rely on meds to get me through.Although,right now,I am.I'm taking pain meds,anti depressents,stomach meds that they give to cancer patients.

I would love to hear more about your story and I will go to the postings to read it.I would like to hear back from you. I need others opions on this.I do not want to make a mistake.I also an pretty much a newly wed.I will be married 2 yrs this may.I want to be a productive and good wife for my husband.Not a burden.

I know all of this is probably no shock to you when I write all of this.I'm sure it is nothing that you have not heard before.I guess I'm asking for advice on what to do.

I don't know if you can send attachments through the boards.But if you could tell me your whole name a nd where your from.It will lead me to your postings.

I wish you the best Karla and my thoughts and prayers are and will always be with me.I will not forget about you. Your letter made a big inpact on me. I know that was your reason for sending this and it worked for me.

You have mentioned when it is your time to go.You will educate God on this.I have always said that my purpose here was for them I guess to use me for medical research. It takes people like us for them to find the cure for the horrible disease. I have always said that if it will help others.I will sacrafice myself. I know they are trying to find a answer to this disease. It right now, hasn't been done successfully. As is seems right now.It is not anytime soon.

If you wanted to read my postings.My name is Michele Squadroni. My e-maill address is MSQUADRONI38@AOL.COM. Please feel free when you feel up to it to write me back.I would love to talk to you more about this

May God be with you Karla, Michele Squadroni.

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