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From: terri schmitz (
Mon Feb 2 22:52:39 2004

i did not know there was any one else out there taht had the same problem that i did.i live in oklahoma and have had 10 surgeys for adhesions in the last 10 i have got older (43) it seems to have slowed is whAT I AM dealing with.i had car wreck may 2002.i had stopped for road work when a 80 year old man with one eye and could not hardley walk rear ended me and did not touch his brakes until he was 30feet from me.i had my 21 year old daughter with me.she was sore but it blew out my back and in results i have had 4 screws and two rods put in my back and last july they took them out.i am in pain 24/7.i went to the doctor to see why i was getting so much worse so fast.i have been told in the past that the adhesions i have grow faster than most and that there is nothing they can do to stop this and to go back in will only cause more to grow.the pain only gets worse by the week.i am on strong pain meds witch only makes my bowels slow down more and i have took them for 18 months and they do not help have the pelvic ones was bad but having them in many places is really bad.i have been looking for info off and on for years and this is the first web site in the us i have found.if there is any thing out there now it would not do me any good because ever thing i have is now and i can not get on any kind of gov. help because they say i can work.i worked all my life and paid in but now they tell me thas to bad.i am only 43 and know i am in store for more surgey on my bowels but without any coverage i will have to wait for my bowels to block and they will be forced to do something.i do not know about anyone else but after awhile it will drive you crazy.i hate to think that at 43 i will have along time to feel the pain i do.does people not understand that not only does hurt the person but my family also suffers right along with me.i have a 6 yeard old granson that tells me someday i will be better and we can do things together is not right that after i worked all the years that i have i will have to ask my kids to take care of me.i know how hard it was for me to take care of my kids by myself and i wonder how hard it would have been to have to take care of someone like me at their age if there is any one that knows of any thing please let me know. thanks terri

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