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From: Tina (SimpleSmallStuff@aol.com)
Wed Dec 31 17:35:42 2003

I'm not really sure how I found the website but after reading through some of the messages I am so glad I did :)

I just had a lap. hysterectomy on 25, Nov. and I don't seem to be healing the way the Dr. thinks I should be. Before I go on it may be helpful for anyone who reads this to know a bit of my background, so here goes (hope I don't bore anyone to badly...lol) I had a miscarriage at 21 and ended up with a pretty bad infection afterwards, then it just so happens that my Dr. turned out to be more of butcher than a Dr. because within a 1yr span I spent a total of 8 weeks in the hospitol (not all at once) and went through 6 surgeries which aren't including the D&C for the miscarriage or the surgery that followed to clean out the infection. I have been okay ever since with the exception of extremely bad pre cycle cramping. I was also told by U of M medical center that I would never have more children (I had 1 son at the time) somehow I was lucky and my other son was dupt the miracle baby by my O.B. when I found out I was pregnant. Like I said I had been fine for 8yrs and then last March the cramps starting getting unbearable to the point the I spent more time at the ER getting drugged up then being at home. Apparently I had extreme adhesions and adenomysosis thus the reason behind the hysterectomy. It has been almost 6 weeks and my insicion is still open (the size of a dime)I have to clean it out and pack it about 3-4 times a day or else it drains through my clothing. I am swollen just above the incision and it's hard (almost like a golf ball is inside of me) and that is 1/2 way up to my belly button. I was told to expect a bit of bleeding for awhile but the last couple of days I've had to wear a pad and the I'm cramping pretty bad to where I need to take narcotics to help and even then I'm not comfortable.

My question I guess would be, has anyone else experienced anything similar? I have no idea how I can be cramping considering I have no female organs left, I'm starting to feel as though maybe I'm just nuts and its all in my head. Can anyone help please???? You can email me at SimpleSmallStuff@aol.com

Thanks a million! Tina

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