Re: looking at adhesion surgery. need links

From: Jenn GS (
Fri Dec 26 21:25:38 2003


Per your request, here is a personal story.I had my first adhesiolysis in July 2003. When I went into surgery, it was to see if I had endometriosis. Instead they found my abdomen full of adhesions, but no endometriosis.

I had severe adhesions--binding both tubes (though one more than the other), wrapped around bowel, and adhered to abdominal wall (can't think of the clinical name for this at this moment). My surgeon did remove all of these via laproscopy with belly button and 3 bikini line incisions.

It took me 3 weeks to feel somewhat human again, but I still had pain. So I was sent to another doctor, a specialist in dyspaurenia. He found that I had pudendal neuralgia, a spasm of the ani levator nerve that had caused constant muscle spasm and tightness. I received a nerve injection and pelvic PT, and that condition has improved.

In the time since, my every-day pain improved, but I have continued to have deep pain with intercourse though that has improved somewhat as well.

Now, I'm going in for another exploratory lap at the end of January as the deep pain is increasing and starting to become every-day pain again. Since I am trying to conceive, my doc's primary goal is to get me cleared out and pain free for about 6 months in order to try. I told him that I'd really like 60 years of pain free sex, and he said we'd work on that after my pregnancy, should that happen.

So, I'm kinda in the first stages of the path you'll go down, and I'm going in for the surgery again. I don't know what else to do. I can't afford to travel to Europe, so I'm sticking it out with my insurance and my doc at Johns Hopkins and hoping for the best.

I can't tell from your post if this is your first lap to confirm the dx of adhesions, or if this is a follow up. For me, the first lap was vital to find out for certain what was happening to my body. This next one is important to see if they have returned--for me, and I think for my surgeon who believes he solved my problem. If adhesions have returned, then maybe it will spur him to do a little more research into adhesions. If he's right and they haven't, well maybe then he'll find out what's going on now, which may be the underlying cause of the adhesions in the first place.

Hope this helps,


At Tue, 23 Dec 2003, LauraKH wrote:

I want pros and cons of adhesiolysis, and some personal stories. My GYN is trained and certified in advanced laproscopy, so I'm very comfortble with her, and don't want another doc. Does anyone have more information?

Anyone who has had this procedure, what is recovery time? How long in the hospital?

Thanks in advance for any information. I want to fully research my choiced and options before I see her on the 8th, and I want to be informed.


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