Re: What can pain clinic do for me?10 yrs outbound/scar tissue

From: Judy Kemp (
Thu Dec 25 14:44:12 2003

Hi there,

Know there are many here who understand some of the things you are dealing with/ I am sorry you are having to got through it. Wanted to throw out a few ideas for medically managing pain - that are not narcotics. I think there are many different things one must think about to most effectively treat pain. First, if sleep is not good it makes it very difficult to deal with anything, even on a good day. A non narcotic medication that some use to help with sleep is tarazadone. It works differently than Ambien - your doctor can explain if you are interested.

Also, there is alot of anxiety around pain. Anxiety that you will have pain, that makes pain perception greater, that makes us feel more pain, etc in a vicious circle. Many ways to help with anxiety. Yoga, tia chi, meditation, some get benefit from accupuncture, aromatherapy, bio feedback. On the medicine front there is alot to think about. Some think longer acting medications are best - they have less addictive potential, longer coverage, less ups and downs, etc. Examples of short acting antianxiety med is Xanax, longer acting would be klonopin or lorazepam (Ativan).

Then there is the depression side you mentioned. Therapy is good, as are the newer SSRI (selective seritonin reuptake inhibitors). I have heard these meds can decrease the perception of pain, help with anxiety, and also help with depression.

But of course, you have to check with your medical doctor to see what he/she thinks as well as what you think! Many get good support and relief from pain clinics. I know there are lots of good books out there too dealing with the subject of chronic pain, alot on the internet, and http://www pain support groups. Wishing you well. Judy On Dec 23, 2003, at 7:55 AM, International Adhesions Society wrote:

> Sender: (judi)
> Subject: What can pain clinic do for me?10 yrs outbound/scar tissue
> probs
> Hi All,I need to know what a pain clinic has done for you.I am 10 years
> outbound from cancer surgery and have been in chronic pain for 10
> years.came off darvocet 2 years ago and have been dealing with alot of
> depression from the I want to know if you have any positive out
> comes and what they did for you.thank you for any support.

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