why don't they take me seriously?

From: LauraKH (gotaminivan@ivillage.com)
Sat Dec 20 18:52:17 2003

I'm new here, looking for advice and support. I'm 27, and had a total hysterectomy 3 1/2 months ago due to endometriosis/adenomyosis, and adhesions. Days after surgery I was experiencing a pulling sensation, and sometimes it hurts like he!!. Now, I'm in pain every day, a sharp pulling pain, always in the exact same spots, and hoarding my vicodin (which doesn't work anymore) because I'm on my last refill, and my dr probably won't give me more, and she always tells me that there's nothing they can do. Sometimes the pain makes me nauseous, and once i passed out.

If adhesiolysis is laproscopically, doesn't that reduce the risk of future adhesions? Why has no doc heard of adhesion barriers? Am I bound to a life of chronic pain, with only a script for Naproxen (useless on my adhesion pain, BTW) to make it through. THe only doc this site brought up is 6 hours away. I've been to specialist after specialist just to get the diagnosis of endometriosis (it's almost funny to think of ER docs accusing me at 12 and 15 yrs of being a drug addict. ahem, but I have to have drugs to be addicted to them! at that point, I was told it's normal to vomit or pass out from pain every month!)



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