Re: gas pain

From: Balde Family (
Sat Dec 20 18:51:01 2003

I have had the same type pain. It was caused by adhesions. It feels sometimes like I'm being stabbed. It comes out of nowhere. It eventually eases up and then I'm completely exhausted. The pain meds I use help a little, at least to take the edge off. I can't lie on my stomach when I have this type of pain, which is my preferred sleeping position. I end up sleeping reclined on my couch, on my back. A heating pad helps a little, a pillow propped under my leg,if I'm lying on my side helps too. I don't have any other answers on how to treat it, other than these. I just wanted to let you know I have had similar pain experiences. Oh, sometimes the pain radiates down my leg and/or around my back too. Unfortunately, I usually just end up lying there in pain,moaning until it goes away. I try to meditate and use relaxation exercises to get me through it, my husband will gently rub my back for me sometimes too. If he rubs too hard it sends me through the roof, but the gentle pressure is soothing. Sometimes a hot shower afterward helps take some of the edge off. I have been dealing with the adhesions for years and have had them removed several times, but they always return. I don't plan on having surgery to remove them again, since each surgery just has the potential of adding more adhesions, and they always come back anyway. I am very glad to have had the last surgery I had over this summer, but would never want to go through what I went through again. Please email me with any other questions, I'll try to help if I can. Take care. Samantha

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