Re: At my wits end

Wed Dec 17 18:26:06 2003

At Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Deb wrote: >Deb, sorry for the late response. I was told my doc that they can
grow almost immediately after surgery. In my case after my hyst ( it was an abdominal hyst. ) I was pain free for a year and then smack dab on the anniversary, I was in excruciating pain. Had surgery and found out that 85% of my abdomen was adhered to my abdominal wall. I feel for you. It is a very difficult struggle, I know that I have done so much to try to get rid of the pain asscociated with adhesions, but I have hit a wall everytime, now I am worse off than I was before. Good luck. Take Care and I hope you find pain free days.

Original message excerpt:

......I know adhesions cause pain but I guess I was just wondering if it would have showed up so quickly? Doesn't it come on gradually? Sorry for this being so long. Like I said......I am just at my wits end..... Thanks

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