Decision made...going to Germany

From: Wendy (
Wed Dec 17 18:24:06 2003

You'll truly never know how much of a difference you all have made in my life since adhesions took center stage. Much thanks! After much thought, prayer, questions and more questions, it appears Germany is the only answer with the best odds for those of us who have tried to get rid of adhesions in US, without success. I believe the primary reason my adhesions return (with more intensity and determination) is because of the lack of an adhesion barrier with a good track record. I understand nothing is guaranteed but if I take another chance at surgery, I want to try the abdo lift and SprayGel, and of course the doctors and medical staff who administer them. If anyone out there has any comments or suggestions, I'm all ears! I've visited [the website] (numerous times and read just about everything I can get regarding SprayGel) and emailed Dr. K, and think it might be the answer.

Does anyone know where the FDA is with clinical studies and approval for SprayGel? Does anyone know how long the clinical studies were in Germany before it was approved?

We're looking at the end of February or first of March, at least that's our goal.

Thanks again and please share your thoughts...this is kind of scary! Have a Blessed Holiday! WEndy

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