Infections from Adhesions

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Tue Dec 16 14:46:10 2003

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Kelly, Yes dear I have had 14 major surgeries due to Adhesions well all on my intestines, bowels, ureters, kidneys, bladder, vaginal cuff, under the rib cage and around the spleen area... they did take 4 feet of my intestines out & a peice of my colon but i live a miserable life, lately the past 2 years i live in a docters office for kidney infections blood in my urine chronic infections, im only 37 & feel at times like im 90!!!! Well on top of that they diagnosed me with MS,& lymes diease & ive never been bitten by a tick in my who knows, but when docters hear the word adhesions they want to blame everything on them......

So yes i do know where you are coming from ..................... wish you well sweetie, my e mail is & my name is Angie Im on the quilt as Angela Dial.........Write me any time, if i dont respond right away just give me time i may be having a bad week or something, ya know how that goes. Well God Bless & will be praying for you.........Angie

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