Re: Can adhesions form after a year?

From: Balde Family (
Fri Dec 12 07:32:12 2003

It's definitely possible and sounds just about right from the time you had surgery. I have had some start up a few months up to a year or so after surgery. Since the pain is in the area where you had surgery, it's likely that you may have formed an adhesion, since adhesions are scar tissue. People heal differently. I am an aggressive healer, this means I heal very slowly. So it always seems that a month or so after surgery, I start noticing the adhesion type pain and over time they increase, as if even more adhesions are forming.

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Subject: Can adhesions form after a year?

I was wondering how long after surgery can you get an Adhesion. I didn't get upper abdominal pain until about a year later. I have had the pain now for 2 years. It's in the area where I had the surgery. Is this even possible?

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