lesions attached my uterus to the abdominal wall

From: vonda (vonda_f@hotmail.com)
Thu Dec 11 16:47:06 2003

hi all i am having some complications i think caused from the lesions after a c-section on my uterus. It has attached my uterus to my abdominal wall and i am now having irregular, very painful periods. pain in my abdomin all the time. sometimes i think i am going thru early menopause and im only 38, mood swings, irritibility, no sex drive. You name it and im having it right now. I'm not sure what symptoms this can cause and if anyone out there can help with that informayion it would be greatly appreciated or if anyone is having similar symptoms please let me know, i'm at my wits end, sincerely, vonda

>Millie, i to have lesions from a c-section, i am now having pain and
irregular periods, i am thinking it is from the leisons, not sure, i dont
know what all the complications are from this but i have also had a tubal so
im not trying to have children just trying to figure out why my body is
going haywire all of a sudden. its very frustrating to say the least, some
times i think i am going thru early menopause and im only 38, if u know if
any of these symptoms are actually from the lesions please let me know, im
sorry for your pain and can somewhat understand where you are coming from,
sincerely, Vonda

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