Endometriosis and pain relief

From: Maddie911 (reds_20@hotmail.com)
Wed Dec 10 07:56:33 2003

Hello! I have a few questions.....I was diagnosed with endometriosis approx 3 years ago my son was 2 at the time and it devastated me because I was told I may never have anymore children and the pain at times was debilitating.....I had seven surgeries in less than 2 years and had been on Lupron for 10 months all together and on SEVERAL different narcotics for pain relief I went from Vicodin to Percocet to ES Percocet to finally Oxycodone and Roxanol....I did alternative medicine and then by the grace of God I became pregnant.....it is possible for endometriosis to go away during and after pregnancy I had a VERY difficult, painful pregnancy but gave birth to a VERY healthy little girl and now she is 3 months old and the endometriosis is back and may even be worse than before....My OB/GYN is not a believer in pain relief so he sent me to a pain clinic in which I am seeing an anesthesiologist he is trying nerve blocks etc....which up to this point have not worked and in the mean time was at home in so much pain that I could not take care of my children after much begging or it seemed he decided to help me with Methadone I have noticed not much pain relief from this and have been researching it a lot....my questions to anyone who has knowledge of these pain meds is does Methadone have the pain relieving qualities and for as long a period of time as Oxycontin or would Oxycontin be a better, longer pain relieving option for me...I just want to get the maximum benefit out of these medications and as far as I can tell the Methadone doesn't last near as long as I was told by my doc.....I don't want him to think that I am a "pill seeker" because I am definitely not but my quality of life is pretty much non existant and I have two young children who need me constantly and for my son this is a VERY exciting time he has just started Kindergarten and I need to be there as a MOTHER for him and enjoy these times with him but up until this point I am SO consumed with pain and agony there are times I am doubled over in bed all day and can not get out....thank God for my boyfriend and his ability to be a father and a support for me but he is on the verge of losing his job so I need something that can get me through a day and not knock me out at the same time.....I just need help and would appreciate ANY info I can get.....as I said before I have done EVERYTHING up to this point and for me hysterectomy and surgeries are NO LONGER options! Thank you SO much!

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