Endometriosis and pain relief

From: Maddie911 (reds_20@hotmail.com)
Wed Dec 10 07:49:46 2003

Hello I am a 28 year old and was diagnosed with Endometriosis approx 3 years ago. I have done pretty much everything that you can including 7 surgeries with pre-sacral neurectomy, removal of my posterior broad ligament.....10 months altogether Lupron treatment, alternative medicine etc....I WILL not have a hysterectomy for one I don't believe that it will work....and for two I want more children....I have also been on pretty much every pain med from NSAIDS to Vicodin to ES Percocet and finally before my pregnancy I was on Oxycodone and Roxanol which offered me the most pain relief.....I did become pregnant by the grace of God and had an EXTREMELY difficult pregnancy however I did give birth to a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY baby girl! Since her birth the Endometriosis has come back and WORSE than EVER! I have been in SO much pain that I am doubled over daily and CAN NOT enjoy my daughter.....my boyfriend is on the verge of losing his job and we are having a lot of financial difficulties as well.....the problem is that my OB/GYN does not believe in dealing with chronic pain so he sent me to a pain clinic and my doc is an anesthesiologist and he has tried nerve blocks etc. with no luck.....he has recently put me on Methadone but I have found that it doesn't really work too well for pain and it doesn't last long which he said it would.....now my question is since I have been on this with not much relief I have been researching and found out about Oxycontin and it seems to me and have read from other chronic pain sufferers that it works really well and lasts MUCH longer....to me it would make sense to put me on something that will last longer and give me more pain relief.....I would just like to hear from anyone what they think and how they feel about Methadone vs. Oxycontin for pain relief another thing I heard was that when you use Methadone for long term pain relief that it is EXTREMELY hard to get off of.....I would GREATLY appreciate ANY and ALL information that you can give me.....thanks

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