Need Help & Prayers

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Fri Dec 5 17:26:46 2003

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Tracey, My name is Mary and I am 41 , since I had my second daughter when I was 33 I have had 17 operations 14 being for adhesions, I suffer alot but I choose not to take the narcotice, I take Motrin and alot of hot baths and I have a friend who is a massage therapist so she gives me a nice price... I have had to many pain blocks to count and I have to say that the drugs can make things worse I was always so constipated and that made my pain worse and the more I took the more I needed, I had no problem getting the pills from my doc, it was just a mattewr of wanting to feel better, I understand you have no insurance, I am lucky and I don't want for anything but my pain is still very real and very bad . The best thing I EVER did was find a way to deal with it instead of the pills I had to go into the city to a detox to get off of them. Now I am a woman who does not belong in the city so I thought I would feel this stigma of a Drug addict but believe me people understand... I cannot express to you the kind of pain I feel, it is very intense but sometimes you have to find another way to deal that does not post a penny..I was on 60 mg mscontin (morphine) 3x's a day and 2 oxycondone every 3 hours for break through and I have to say that I really can think more clearly and find better options with a clear head.. I wish there was something I could do to help you, I know how desparte you feel, I TRUELY do,, you can e-mail me anytime at; just to clear your head I will always be here to listen, you are in my prayer's

Mary in Maryland

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