6 Months since surgery

From: Robin M (rmasse2333@aol.com)
Wed Dec 3 07:50:25 2003

Dear All, Today marks my 6 month anniversary since my surgery in Duisburg, Germany with Spray Gel. I am still feeling great. The 10th of June I had my 2nd look lap & was found adhesion free. I havent been on here much because I have been spending time in Pheonix. In July, I got to be there when my Grand-daughter was born & helped take care of my daughter after she had an appendectomy. We also found out that my sis has a rare type of cancer. She has been in the hospital most of the time since the end of August. My Mom also had surgery in October and I helped her by staying with my sis. I spent 2 weeks there in October and another 3 weeks in November. My prayers & thoughts to all robin

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