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Sun Apr 27 20:24:45 2003

At Sat, 26 Apr 2003, Angel wrote: >Angel,

I have adhesions, cervical and lumbar disc problems. I have been diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease and disc protrusions from back surgery. I have panic attacks also. I also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome and depression from chronic pain. I have had 6 ob/gyn surgeries and one back surgery and I am still in pain. I will be going to Germany if there is any way possible. I was also diagnosed with scar tissue behind my knee cap and the dr. said that they see this in patients who have had back surgery. I have never had any problems or surgery with my knees. I am unable to do much at all without paying terribly for it the next day or two. I am taking pain medication and anti-depression/anti-anxiety prescriptions. It helps me get through each day without screaming with pain. I know you don't want to take medication, but there are some that do not make you feel out of it. I wish you could get some help, maybe a pain management clinic. Just think about it. Please keep your spirits up as much as possible and remember that you are not alone and we are here for you.


>To whom it may concern, my name is Angel [Male - 06/26/63].
>Yes, I know this is very long but please read on. THANX!!!
>I have a Hiatle Hernia with G.E.Reflux, am ADD, had my tonsils and
>adnoids removed [because I couldn't and still can't seem to breathe
>through my nose], since I was 2 Yrs. old [I swallowed a whole peanut -
>it was stuck in my lung] result - Pneumonia and Bronchitis - when
>younger I almost died many times - I'm still prone to these ailments on
>a yearly basis, I've had my appendix removed, and I've had multiple
>stitiches ...other than those things... I've never been diagnosed with
>any particular dysfunction and or disease. However, I feel that
>[mainly] for the last 16 years my body has been falling apart.
>~Whew, got that out of the way~ The basic part of my problems started
>when I was young, I can't remember exactly when ...maybe 12 or 13 Yrs.
>old, but I remember when it got worse.
>January 1992, I awoke in the middle of the night gasping for air. I
>ended up in the ER. This happened to me for what seems like months. Was
>it sleep apnea? An ENT said no way!!! Was it my Hernia and reflux? Hmmm!
>At one point I wore a heart monitor with alarm - for a month, I set that
>off almost every night because my heart would be pounding - as I awoke
>from a lack of oxygen. The doctor's said ...that it was okay [because]
>it was within a normal range for someone in my shape and condition. They
>went on to assume ...I was stressed and depressed! I told them this
>couldn't be, as it was happening only while I was sleeping. I then told
>them my problems up to that point [major symptoms to follow].
>*My Uncle and Mother have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, they
>[uncle/mom] continually tell me I too have it. Doctor's seems
>Anyway, I have pursued many avenues to lessen my discomforts; this has
>come at a great price. My self-esteem has gone down and I feel as
>though I've been a guinea pig both physically and physiologically.
>Doctor's have given me most of the anti-depressant drugs available and I
>~personally~ have pursued therapy, even went as far as to try an commit
>myself, as I had pains and much more that multiple Doctor's said
>couldn't be real!!! The results? I take their meds and then get doped up
>usually ending up in the ER. It seems as though I have a low tolerance
>for most med's. Or is that physiological as well? ~Yes, I do have a
>slight attitude!!!~ Depression seems to be my end result. Imagine
>that!! How much can someone take being told that it's "ALL IN THEIR
>MIND!" I could only take the doctor's pill pushing for 3 - 4 years. I
>have been "grinning and bearing it" on my own for what seems to be a 100
>years now, trying Vitamins, and Alternative Med's [herbs, acupuncture,
>etc], 85% of the time I do very well.
>So what are my systems? I ache [everywhere] almost all the time -
>degrees of pain are variable as well as where the pain is located. I
>have migraines that stop me dead in my tracks, lower back pain
>accompanied usually with hip, knee, and foot problems, heart
>palputations, breathing difficlties - sudden and usually out of nowhere,
>canker sores from hell, ringing in my ears, body parts [mainly while
>resting] get numb and tingly, my endurance in most cases is nil - there
>are times I surprise myself ...but if I do exert myself, within usually
>a hour, the payoff is a migraine, neck and or lower body breakdown,
>especially the next day, I'm always tired when I have to be awake and
>awake when I should be tired ...blah blah!!! ...I think you get the
>Here's the weird part: I use to be a very athletic guy, ...Cross
>Country, Track, Swim, Basketball, Cycling, etc... I used to run a
>minimum of 2,000 miles a year for 6 years straight, not to mention my
>other sport activities - the running has stopped but the other
>activities are going as long as I can maintain (Last 14 years? - 95%
>Alcohol free).
>Another important part of my problems: In the latter time frame I
>crashed my vehicle [Jan. 1993] ...surprisingly I didn't even get a
>scratch. I flipped 14 times according to eyewitnesses. I didn't even
>get a ticket!!! I to this day don't know what happened but the police
>blamed it on obscure occurrences - a very strong wind gust was
>mentioned. Anyway, I mention this crash because this is where my
>problems took yet another turn. Among all the other problems I had been
>dealing with, now I acquired a new bizarre feature. I thought at first
>I was claustrophobic but this new problem is very selective. Put me
>in/on a plane, bus, a place where no "easy access out" is available, any
>situation ...and then tell me or at best make me feel as though I can't
>leave ...whoa, I want out!!! I've embarrassed myself many times. I have
>been trying to attack these situations straight on, especially when
>challenged by my girlfriend. 90% of the time I manage, 10% I'm gone,
>avoid it, or stay as long as I can stand it.
>I've done well these last 10+ years, but it appears when I think of who
>I was and who I now am ...I've been slowly giving into the pain and fear
>things. So in closing, I guess I'd be interested in what you think and
>or what some of your colleagues may think. Thanks .....ANGEL
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