Re: CFS, Fibromyalgia, .....Hypothyroidism T3/T4 ??

Sat Apr 26 19:46:36 2003

OMG!!! When I read your' story, it was me, in so many ways!!! I don't have answers either at this point, but i am alway's sore, I do suffer from other things, those i know about, and what they are etc......but this wow, i hear you so loud and clear, with the headaches, the soreness, the neck, the muscles, the tingling while sleeping,,,,,,all this is happening to me also, and my doctor, well, i think he figures ia m insane....sorry, i wish i could give you an answer!!!! Please feel very free to email me privately at head it , so i know who it's from please, I live in Canada, so i am not familiar with doctor's in your area etc........

Take Care, and warm fuzzy hugs to you A sore friend

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