Lisa Graven

From: Karen Steward (
Thu Apr 24 09:07:22 2003

Forget the wet noodle--beat me with the wooden spoon! Of all people for me to forget to thank---see, I knew it would happen! Please forgive me Lisa! You answered all my e mails concerning our upcoming trip and helped me feel confident that I could do it!! And then, I forget to add your name on my post! So, this post goes directly to you! Lisa deserves credit for answering my questions (even goofy ones) and she never made me feel I was "bugging" her. She was such an encouragement and I am so thankful she was available to qualm my fears and help me sort through things I would face in Germany. All in all, it went very well, due to her expertise help! The most difficult thing Melissa and I dealt with (beyond surgery) was trying to make we kept our little apartment refrigerator freezer Thanks again Lisa! Love, Karen

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