Do not reply to: Is your bank tightening its grip?

From: Tracy [IAS Administrator] (
Thu Apr 24 08:11:40 2003

Please do not respond to this message from Howard re: "Is your bank tightening its grip?" This action could put your email address on to their mailing list just by unsubscribing! This is considered another method of "spam".

Towards the bottom of the message, it shows the IAS message board email address has been added to the company's "subscribe list" -- of which we did not request and never will.

Remember when "spam" use to mean the stuff (er, "meat product") you bought in a can at the grocery store? For a trip down memory lane, go here:

Tracy Joslin
IAS Administrator

Neither the IAS, Synechion, Dr. Wiseman or any other representative offers medical advice. Always consult a qualified medical professional.

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