Re: My Surgery report

From: winged phantom (
Wed Apr 23 17:24:35 2003

Sue, I certainly did not mean to throw a bowl of cold water on you. But from what I have gleaned here on this site, it's my understanding that, partly because of the way the insurance companies force the doctors to work, that even if the doctor was skilled enough to do a successful adhesiolysis, the insurance would not compensate for the time needed. I have also heard that all these surgeries in Germany take a good 6 hours or more! What insurance company would pay for that time here in the US? Also, from things that Helen and others have written, these adhesions are sometimes so tightly bound that it's hell to pay to get them off without seriously injuring other organs. Is your gynecologist trained and experienced for that type of surgery? How many successful adhesiolyses does she do each year, especially if she doesn't even admit to their causing pain? Plus, I noticed that you did not mention that she even attempted to use any of the current barriers available for use here. Did she? What methods did she use to try to minimize their reformation?

I'm not happy that your surgery did not turn out as you had hoped. I'm very disappointed for you. I'm only relieved that you were not injured in the process, because what I heard from the wording you gave on the report, was that your surgeon really did not have the technical knowledge, the time, or the patience to remove the worst adhesions. I wish this were not a sad fact of life for many women, but it seems to be.

I'm very sorry to have upset you; I know you do not need more aggravation in your life. wr

I have no history of abdom. surgery; have had a few cysts
Fall 2002- extreme pain and constant bloating
1/2/03- laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and D&C
2/12/03- TAH/BSO for adhesions caused by non-symptomatic
endometriosis (only dx'ed on pathology report)
Now?- rigid belly; abdominal pain, tenderness and
bloating; plus continuing bowel problems likely caused
by new adhesions

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