I AM going to Germany!

From: Robin M (rmasse2333@aol.com)
Wed Apr 23 10:37:56 2003

Dear All, I have my surgery date with DR Korell! I will see him for an office visit on June 2, and have my surgery with him & Spray Gel on June 3. I am so happy about this. I feel this is my best & last chance at becoming adhesion & pain free. I have an angel in Duisburg that will post for me after surgery & when I feel up to it, I can use her computer to post. I am praying this will be it. I am wanting my life back. Adhesions have ruled it for too long now. I am in daily pain even though I am on pain meds. If I do anything at all, it causes extra pain. Dr Korell is such a wonderful DR & person. Last time, he even picked me up at the airport! He is very experienced in adhesions surgeries. I have all the faith in him that I will be adhesion free when I return. I do not have my flight booked yet, but I hope to leave on May 29th, arrive on the 30 & be able to relax over the weekend before my surgery. During that time, I will be able to go shopping for groceries to put in my room and in the shared kitchen. The place is very nice. In the rooms, there is a phone, TV, alarm clock, small refridge & a safe. There is also a small balcony. The kitchen is shared on each floor & has individual locked refridges. It has been a comon space for many. When I was there in Nov 2000, I got to meet several from this board. It was wonderful to sit around the table & talk. It felt like this board does, all family & love & suport & understanding. There is washers & dryers in the basement. Across the street is a forest area that has pathways to walk. The apartment is right next door to the hospital, very close. A few blocks away is a pizza place, little stores and a bank. The teller at the bank speaks english, so it is easy to exchange money there. While in the hospital, you can have your phone # transfered from the apartment to your hospital room, great for having friends & family call. The only problem is, the time differnce. & the TV is only in German. In the hospital cafateria, you can get ice, Just about the only place to get it. I guess you can tell I had a wonderful experience there and I am looking forward to going again. All my love & prayers, robin M

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