Re: does ANYONE have any info???

From: I and J (
Fri Apr 18 14:53:31 2003

At Thu, 17 Apr 2003, AnnMarie wrote: >Hi Anne Maire:

Dr Reich is located in Wilkes Barr, PA. Hope you are feeling well today, Irene

>I live in ma ssachusetts and am talking with Dr. Reich and Dr. Gerhart
>and am looking into going to PA and having surgery with them. I will be
>goinwith my om because I"m only 18 and niether ofs drive, there for we
>will be goin by train or bus (because neither of us want to fly either)
>does anyone know what cities sre Dr. Gerhart, and Dr. Reich offices
>and hospital are in, and what cities ae near it? I NEED this info to
>make arrangements for the train and or bus. Ifanyone has this info it
>would be GREATLY appreciated. thank so much in advance. AnnMarie

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