Re: emails being rejected FOR TRACY/ to Kristie

From: linda garcia (
Thu Apr 17 18:36:21 2003

Hey you,How ya doing today? I guess I am ok. I hear ya about the sleep too. Except I don't take meds to help me. I have 2 kids to get off to school and one 3 yr old that runs the house so I am up at 6. Usually don't go to bed till 11:30. I have found my self sleeping at anytime of the day. I will nod at anytime anywhere. The other day my 3 yr old got out of the house the 11 yr old was supposed to be watching her, when I woke up she was gone. She had road her tricycle 1/4 of a mile down the road she got her bike stuck in the cattlegaurd. It scared thehell out of me. So no matter how tired I get, Iforce my self to stay awake. I know it is hard to do though. i am sorry that you are not sleeping well that is not a good thing. Taking all the sleeping meds aren't that great either. Hey I see that you have yahoo messenger, email me privately one day with your screen name and we can chat.Take carelinda

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