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From: Spincon58 . (
Tue Apr 15 22:34:23 2003


New to the group . I would like to join this support group. I'm 44 married with 5 children and live by the New Jersey shore. My experience started with weight loss surgery . I had it done lap in nov 2000. and after a year was symtom free. Than the changes in my bowel.. That was the first sign, constapation... got worse and worse, took all those standards test, one day it was so bad I had my first lysis of adhesios for a total bowel obstruction....

I was pain free for 6 weeks and , the pain came back with a vengence. This time I got sick and weak. My hands were weak and I couldn't lift my arms... I had stiffness in my neck and jaw, finally I got my surgeron to take notice with the help of my PCP , but before the surgery date, I had a pain that landed me in the ER with an emergency surgery at 3AM,

Of course, I wish I can say I'm fine. but I'm scared its going to happen again. The pain is back but managable. I do try to stay focus on recovery. I hope to gain new friends here on this sight, and I hope I can learn and give advice to any one who needs it. Question... Can anyone buy spraygel and bring it here ? Can the Drs. use them anyway?


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