barium enema

From: Joyce (
Tue Apr 15 12:15:24 2003

Has anyone got any kind of diagnoses from a Barium Enema test. I just had a visit with a surgeon that my PCP referred me to and he spend maybe 3 minutes with me, had a snarl on his face the whole time like I was a waste of his time and belittled me to death. He told the nurse to set me up for a Barium Enema and walked out of the room. I already had a colonoscopy and it was normal other than a narrow area that they had a hard time getting the scope through. I have a very good physical therapist who had done a thorough hands on massage and examination of my pain areas. She says that she feels something on my left side (pain area, left flank pain) that could possibly be scar tissue, possibly. But she definitely feels stuff on my left side that's not on my right. The surgeon did not even look at my pain area. He did not examine me at all! I had my CT Scans and MRI's and he did not even look at those. He asked why I had a CT Scan of my chest, like I was a hypochondriac that just like to be tested for everything. Well, considering my pain is in the upper abdominal area and lower chest area, I would say that's why they did the CT of my chest. It showed possible scar tissue of some sort, but I really don't know how to read this CT report. Anyway, I'm so freakin' frustrated!!!! I feel like I've just been called a Neurotic to my face!!!! I've been through this before though and know it's just lack of knowledge and manners on the doctors part, but MAN IT HURTS to be treated this way!!!!!!! Wow, I really needed to vent. I wish these doctors could be held responsible for their rudeness and lack of patient time to listen and really exam. This is probably just another (of many) expensive tests, more time off from work, (I'm down to like 1 sick day and 3 vacation days left this year!) Guess tomorrow I'll take a Barium Enema Vacation! WooooHooooo! Can't wait for that!!!!! Or maybe I'll skip this test and ask my PCP for a new surgeon. What do you guys think?


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