Re: Intestinal Scarring?

From: Robin Duffy (
Mon Apr 14 23:01:53 2003

Brenday sorry to hear you are having problems, and especially that they involve intestinal ones.You are wise to avoid the surgery if you can, because you know that it will only lead to more scar tissue forming.the other thing that will help it to really increase your fiber. I mean add as much in your food as well as in the form of (I hate to say the word Metamucil or some other bulk fiber) Summer is coming up and fresh fruits and vegies are readily available and cheaper now so really eat up that will help with your natural fiber intake.Added activity also helps to keep you regular, if the pain doesn't stop you, Sorry there isn't a miracle out there, and I wish I could do more Going through this torment too, Robin

Brenda <> wrote:Over the weekend my pain level went from a normal 7 to a 9 1/2 om the pain scale, this usually means that a cyst has formed from ovarian remnant that was left after having my ovaries removed. I went to the doctor today and had an ultra sound and he could not find a cyst, after talking with me I was telling him about how painful it was for me to have a bowel movement and that I was having to use an enama? once a week he thinks that I might have intestinal scarring from the adhesions and multi surgeries that I have had. Does anyone else have this and if so what are you doing to treat it. My doctor is talking of possibly doing another surgery and I am not ready for that. Email me or post here and let me know how you are dealing with this. Hugs Brenda

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