Leaving the Forum

From: Cheryl (woodenflower52@aol.com)
Mon Apr 14 04:38:09 2003

I hate that Cindy isn't posting anymore. I hate that her terms of endearment or phrases she used aren't considered appropriate. What a shame. So much for offering support and love. I was also banned from posting about a year ago, after being here for almost 2 years. Apparently I posted something someone didn't approve of and was banned without any explanation. The only was I have been able to post since that time has been to use another email addy. My banned one was; ccryder752@aol.com ; which is my normal one. If anyone wants to contact me that will be the one to use. I am going to try to unsubscribe to the forum newsletter because of the inconvenience and the "rules of the board", I wouldn't want to say something amiss!! Obviously, I will still suffer from these adhesions until the new barriers are approved here and I can find a surgeon willing to touch me. I wish you all good health and happy lives free from adhesions. Cheryl Cole in Michigan

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