Re: I'm scared again

From: Dawn (
Sun Apr 13 05:26:55 2003

Dear Jen, You don't ever have to down play you pain here...hey, it hurts really bad. Odds are once an you're an adhesion grower you will get them back again with each should secure you last operative report if you have not done so already, give it a read and see how they encountered adhesions and where. Have they done an ultrasound on yer cyst growing ovary? Ask. I am sorry you must endure this but hold your head up and speak politely but with an educated background that you can gleen from this site. I am not sure how the Canadian healthcare system works but in the site we have a support group section (should be on the site map) and there are several woman to contact in Canada that could help guide you through the system and may have knowledge of doctors you can travel to that are sympathetic to an ARD sufferers plight. Perhap one even lives close by. We choose doctors and they work for works best if there is an air of honesty and mutual respect between the two parties. It works even better if you keep up with and educate ourselves on all thats going on with ARD. We give the docs a bad rap here alot and I truely believe that we frustrate them just as much as they can frustrate us. Being a well spoken, non confrontational and educated perticipant helps the listening process go much do not have to look up to docs as if they were god...tho some seem to command this...ah who needs that... What you want is a proffesional relationship and YOU will always have the final say over what happen to your body. You probably do not have cancer and a simple blood test can see if your white blood count is elevated enough to cause that kind of worry. Take care Jen, We are here for you. Let us know how you are doing. Please feel free to email me if I can be of further assistance. Love, Dawn >Hi everyone,
>I haven't posted for a while but I have been reading the forum for about
>a year or so now.
>Anyway, I guess I just wanted to get some reassurance because I'm scared
>right now.
>Again I am experiencing pain! It's not as excruciating as alot of the
>posts I have read here but it has been fairly consistent for about 3-4
>weeks now.
>I have pain in my ovary area (had cyst removed in 1980, adhesions from
>there caused bowel obstruction in 2000, had to have emergency surgery)
>I am also getting a pain in my waist? and sometimes in my back and also
>in my upper stomache near my surgery scar.
>Last year I had a series of tests, including a cat scan and everything
>came back negative. (thank god)
>But now the pain is starting AGAIN.
>I'm sure many of you go through the same thing where you start to think
>you have something terrible like cancer. I try to think logically and
>tell myself,
>"now Jen if you had somethink that terrible, you would be WAY sicker!"
>I'm not losing weight, have a good appetite etc......
>It's hard though to maintain positive thinking.
>My doctor and urologist both told me last year that it's not adhesions
>because I do have the right kind of pain.
>After reading so many posts here I have learned that adhesions can cause
>all kind of different things for so many people.
>I have my regular pap and checkup scheduled for this month so we'll see
>what happens then.
>Anyway, thanks for letting me bend a few ears. Sometimes I almost
>paralyze myself with fear and then I get really depressed.
>I hate to keep talking to my husband about it because it takes a toll on
>him too.
>Thanks everyone and I hope everyone is feeling better and thank you for
>providing so much valuable information.
>Jen G.
>Ontario, Canada

I'm no doctor, just a fellow sufferer like you but I hope you consider me a new friend.

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