Two doctors are confusing me...asking for help.

From: Heidi Jo (
Sat Apr 12 21:28:33 2003

Hi again. As some of you know, I went to the pain doctor last Tuesday and he agreed to help manage my pain. He told me to not take any other pain meds from other doctors. I had a laparoscopy done Thursday and my GYN dr wants me to take Vicodin. However, the pain dr doesn't want me to take Vicodin, he wants me to take Norco and wear the patch. I asked my GYN dr to call my pain dr so they could discuss this and she won't do it because she said that I could take them both and I am only taking the Vicodin for about 2 weeks. I know that if the pain dr knew this he wouldn't want me to do that but if I don't follow my gyn advice on the pain she may not help me. Then again, if I don't follow the pain drs advice then he won't help me. Really confused here. I think what I want to do is follow the pain doctors advice and have him call her Monday. He is the one who is managing my pain and I do not want to loose him as a doctor. What do you all think?

I had the cathiter taken out yesterday at the ER and man do I feel better. I have to turn on the shower head when I need to pee though! I have no idea why, but it is the only way I can go. Strange, huh? My GYN wants me to take this medication that makes the spazims stop. I was told to watch taking that stuff because it usually just numbs the bladder and sometimes you are worse off then you were before. If I can still keep the water running while I try to go and that seems to help then I would rather do that then take more meds.

My belly button seems to be GONE. I don't know where it is because the incision is right over it and there are strips over that. I tried to look at it but got all freaked out when I couldn't see my belly button anymore. I have another incision on the right side and it's not as big as the other one. How long do these take to heal? My GYN told me she removed a big cyst on my left ovary. I saw the pictures and WOW was it a huge cyst. Just thinking that this was what was hurting me makes me shiver! She said she didn't see any endo. She also said she will have to see how I do next month after I heal to see if I will need another surgery.....what?!? I thought you have one and then you had the one so you wouldn't have to have any more. More???

I slept all day today so I am wide awake now. I wish I was this way earlier this morning and afternoon.

I really do appreciate this board and all the help you give out on it. Thank you so much.


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