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Sat Apr 12 14:58:36 2003

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce my self, I'm connie, 44 married with 5 kids. My story start with weight loss surgery in Nov. 2000 this was done lapascopic....One year after surgery I experienced pain that was stabbing & pinching . june 2002 I had my first bowel obstruction that needed surgery . Adhesions....Pain came back and Jan 2003 had my second surgery with obstructions This time my sergeon cut me wide open...I'm 8 weeks post-op and I have that same pain back again..I'm having trouble bouncing back , How do you recovery when you know your going to get shot down again with another surgery? The pain got the better of me and now my Dr. says I'm depressed. I'm working hard to stay positive.. I'm glad there is a support group for people who suffer from adhesions.... Connie

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