Favorites is a quick way to find the IAS Message Board...How to add Favorites to your computer's toolbar.

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sat Apr 12 00:51:00 2003

X> To add "Favorites" to your computer's toolbar, follow these steps:

1.) Click: View (upper left)

2.) Click: Toolbars

3.) Click: Customize

4.) Available toolbar buttons: Click: Favorites

5.) Click: Add ->

6.) Click: Close. NOW "Favorites" is located on your computer's toolbar.

~ ~ ~ ~

X> To add the Url for the IAS Message Board (or any other website) to Favorites:

1.) Enter: http://www.adhesions.org/forums/message.htm#recent (Url for IAS Message Board)

2.) Click: Favorites (Favorites menu will appear on left side of computer window)

3.) Click: Add

4.) Click: OK...NOW the IAS Message Board is listed on menu for Favorites.

~ ~ ~ ~

X> From now on...only 3 steps are needed to go to the IAS Message Board:

1.) Click: Favorites

2.) Click: IAS Message Board

3.) Click the month you want to view...and voila!! the list of messages appears!!

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