From: Sally Grigg (
Thu Apr 10 19:58:12 2003

At Thu, 10 Apr 2003, linda garcia wrote: >
>I just read your post, and thought I would reply. Cindy has had a few problems with her posts. She was told that there were certain things that she could not say in her posts. It has something to do with the new rules. She is hanging in there, she is passing meds whole again. But I am not sure if she is going to come back to posting. I am sure she reads and she may start to post to individuals.. She was hurt badly emotionally, When she did post she would say things that really came from her heart and she was told to stop using the phrases that we all know she dirrects to everyone that she loves and cares about. I will tell Cindy that you are thinking of her and that everyone here wants her to come back.
>Thanks for thinking about her.
>Linda Garcia

Dear Linda, Maybe its none of my business, but what did Cindy say that
was "politically incorrect?"  She says things from her heart and is emotional,
which is great. We need more heart here and less "judgemental pseudo intellectual
nonsense". Sorry, I'm getting carried away here. Cindy is in pain and needs us.
We're in pain and need her. Cindy, dear, please come back to us. I for one
wouldn't change a hair on your head, other than to make you well and whole again.
Take care, and if you don't hear any more posts from me, I've been dumped in the
cistern. So, holding you all tight to my heart, I wish you love and health. With
kindest regards, and good wishes to ALL, Sally Grigg

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