Had a new consult with a new surgeon.(partial small bowel obstructions)

From: heather (cranberry974@yahoo.com)
Wed Apr 9 16:27:10 2003

Hi everybody, I posted here, I think maybe 2 weeks ago with the topic of partial small bowel obstructions. Well, I saw new surgeon and he thinks that I'm suffering with adhesions, and is possibly willing to treat me. He was so understanding to what I was saying, I have never been to a doctor especaially a surgeon that was smart and had wonderful people skills. I'm really impressed so far.

He said the next step was to wait till I have another bowel obstruction, call him or go to the ER if on the weekend, and they will do an upper GI when I'm having symptoms, not after the obstruction has passed like all the other tests that I have had done. He even said that even that test may turn out ok, because adhesions are hard to pin down. I feel really encourged. He told me that he couldn't make me perfect, but could possibly releive some of the obstructive process that is going on right now. He also explained why other doctors and surgeons are afraid to go in after adhesions, and for the risk of them returning.

Untill my next obstrucion, I'm going to do some more research. I did get an e-mail from Clark D. Gerhart MD(I e-mailed him Monday) from thehttp://www.adlap.com/ website yesterday and he felt that I would be a candidate for adhesion removal. PA is so far for me to go. I still have a lot of thinking to do, I'm only in my 20's and I have suffered for what seems like forever. It is encourging that my new surgeon really beleives that adhesions cause problems and pain and that I may not have to suffer needlessly.


Heather Shaffer

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