Re: Hurtful comments 'some doctors' have told me

From: Suzanne (
Tue Apr 8 09:06:18 2003

Having experienced abdominal pain for three years and been to five specialists, 15 months ago I underwent a laparoscopy during which I was diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and saw the video they made of all the adhesions I have. 13 months ago I had a laparotomy to remove the adhesions and also had microsurgery on my fallopian tubes to treat salpingitis.

Over a year later I have pain still, specific to one area (before it was everywhere). The same "genius" doctor I was so grateful to said to me last visit that "often women think they have a pain, and they actually create the pain".

I have since cancelled two further appointments and am considering looking around for my 6th specialist! If the pain was in my head I would know it. I'm not crazy - my adhesions are back!

At Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Kelly wrote: >
>Tell me, have you had something traumatic in your childhood that could
>be causing this pain? (This is said after I have had TWO adhesion

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