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From: Jayne (
Sun Apr 6 18:12:16 2003

Hi Jenny,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you but this weather we have been having up here in Ontario, Canada has had me laid flat out for days with a migraine that I just can't get rid of. I was so desperate the other night I took sleeping pills to make me sleep through one of them.

Anyway, right now, I still have a massive migraine so will have to make this short and sweet I just didn't want you to think that I was ignoring you.

Thanks for sharing your story. My tailbone pain started after a pelvic surgery and at first I couldn't pinpoint why but then I realized where it came from and asked the surgeon why. He told me he had attached my vagina to my tailbone and so voila I found the answer.

But then a few months later I asked him why I still had the pain in my tailbone and was there anything he could do to ease it. He then told me that he didn't attach my vagina to my tailbone but to my sacrum (or something) which was higher up.

I agree that with my record of adhesions after surgery that there are adhesions in my rectum. I also think that because the back wall of my vagina has been operated on so much that it is sticking to my rectum.

The unfortunate thing about this is my family doctor (who has been a Godsend and I wouldn't change him for the world) keeps telling me that even if I did have adhesions there is no test that will tell me whether I do have them or not. Wouldn't a laproscopy tell you this? I would imagine that because it's less invasive that this would be the ideal way to find out if adhesions are the culprit.

When I am having an attack of this rectal pain I am incapcitated for days. Then just as quick as it came it disappears and then returns a few months later.

Anyway, I'm sorry but my head is just pounding so I'll have to go before it gets to the point of vomiting again. I wish the Percocet would work for migraines but if anything this drug has made them worse, which seems daft to me.

Take care

Ontario, Canada

At Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Jenny wrote: > >Dear jayne, > >I have had similar pains. I used to tell my husband that my butt hurts. >I know it sounds crazy, but my butt hurts real low down around the >tailbone. This was around Feb 2000. I had just had a laparotomy >removing a left hemorrhagic cyst, the left fallopian tube, adhesions and >also 3 inches of the sigmoid colon because the adhesions were so dense >and broad that they couldn't get them out. That was the only way they >could get them out was taking that part of the colon. About 4 months >after that surgery and telling my husband my butt was hurting, we >decided to have a hysterectomy. The adhesions were back and so was the >endo, and another hemorrhagic cyst that wouldn't go away no matter what >we tried. When my doctor opened me up to do the hysterectomy, he said >he had never seen so many adhesions in all his 12 years of practice, >only 4 months since the last surgery. The adhesions were wrapped around >the rectum and and it bent down to a 45 degree angle. The right ovary >and fallopian tube was also wrapped around the rectum. He said he >didn't know how I had been having a BM at all. After that surgery my >pain in that area went away, at least for a few months. Then I had >another adhesiolysis laparoscopically. I had no relief from that >surgery but found that the rectum was being pulled and attached to the >top of the vagina. The pain actually intensified. About 4 months after >that surgery I had to have rectocele repair. The doctor decided to >clean out the adhesions as well. I was having that same pain in the >rectum and lower back or tailbone right in my butt. The rectum was >again being pulled up and attached to the top of the vagina. Any time I >have had that pain and they have done surgery to remove the adhesions, >the pain goes away for a few months until the adhesions get really bad. >I am having the same pains again. Sometimes I get sharp pains right up >the rectum as well as the pain around the tailbone in my butt. I have a >really hard time sitting for any amount of time. And when I have sat >for a while, it takes several minutes before I can get up. WHen I do >get up, I feel like something is being ripped away from my tailbone >inside. It is a very strong pulling and is very painful. I am not a >doctor, but from my own experience and from the surgeries that you have >had I would guess that there are some adhesions around the rectum >causing you pain. I am in the same situation as you, my repair didn't >even last 8 months. Now I have a cystocele and a rectocele and doctors >who are too afraid of the adhesions to touch me. And now my bladder is >having functioning problems, probably due to adhesions, as well. I sure >hope that you can get some relief. My suggestion is either try to go to >Germany so they can use the SprayGel in you, or try to see the PA >doctors. If you can stick it out until the SprayGel is approved and >could go to your own surgeon that would work too. I know I am not going >to let anyone touch me unless the SprayGel is right there waiting to go >on my insides. I wish you all the best and hope that you can find and >get the help you need. If nothing else, try to get some pain management >until you can get your adhesions and other problems taken care of. Take >care and feel free to email me any time. > >Love and hugs, >Jenny > >At Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Jayne wrote: >> >>Excruciating rectal pain >> >>For about two years now I have been experiencing excruciating rectal >>pain high up in my rectum. The pain is also felt behind my abdominal >>incision and when I sit down it feels like something is being pushed up >>into my lower pelvic region and makes both the abdominal and rectal pain >>worse. >> >>Sitting is unbearable and the episodes last about 3 – 4 days. They then >>disappear and return a few months later. It feels like I’m constipated >>but I’m not, my stools are soft and the pain is even unbearable when >>passing gas. >> >>At first, I thought it was constipation and took laxatives but they made >>the pain worse and added gas and cramps to the equation. >> >>Since my vaginal prolapse surgery, in Feb 2001, I have had coccyx pain >>so bad that it has brought me to tears. Sitting was impossible unless I >>used a doughnut cushion. X-rays showed a hairline fracture of the >>coccyx but apparently nothing could be done for it. I even suffered >>through a 6-week course of epidural cortisone shots but they didn’t work >>either. >> >>I have a history of adhesions (I used to frequent this site regularly >>until more surgery kept me away from the computer for a long time) and I >>was wondering if the above symptoms could be adhesion related? >> >>My potted abdominal/rectal surgical history is as follows: >> >>1. Appendectomy – adhesions after surgery – 1971 >>2. Fallopian Tubes tied – Feb 1988 >>3. Vaginal Hysterectomy and birch procedure – May 1988 >>4. Three rectocele repairs – between 1991 - 2000 >>5. Three cystocele repairs – between 1991 - 2000 >>6. An additional birch procedure - 1991 >>7. Gall bladder removal – adhesions surrounding it – April 1999 >>8. Pelvic floor tightening – three times – during above surgeries >>9. Vaginal prolapse repair– vagina was protruding outside the opening – >>Feb 2001 >>10. Removal of vaginal scar tissue – June 2002 >>11. Repair of this vaginal scar tissue removal after suffering from >>painful intercourse. – Sept 2002 >> >>Additional health problems include osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and a >>failed total knee replacement that left my leg fused and unable to bend. >>This apparently makes it awkward for my surgeon to perform pelvic >>surgery and I was told he has to put me in a position that probably >>caused the fracture of my coccyx. >> >>I have been told I have very weak pelvic floor muscles by three >>different OB/GYN’s hence the reason I get all these prolapses and had my >>hysterectomy at the age of 27 years. >> >>I do have hemorrhoids but as far as I can tell I only have one >>protruding out of the anus. When I wipe myself thought it feels like >>there is a large lump in my anus. >> >>I am leaning toward this pain being related to adhesions as I have had >>so much surgery to the back wall of my vagina and rectum. >> >>To top it all I had a cystoscopy a few weeks ago and my Urologist told >>me that my bladder has dropped and looks like it’s protruding into my >>vagina. She recommended that I see a surgeon that she knows to take >>care of it. When I asked why I couldn’t have my own OB-GYN perform this >>she gave me the impression that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. My >>own family doctor said the same thing. >> >>So now I am trying to sit here still in excruciating pain with another >>possible surgery on the horizon to correct the last three pelvic >>surgeries I had done. >> >>Can anyone give me some idea of what they think this could be? >> >>Thanks and take care >> >>-- >>Jayne >>Canada >>

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