Good Pain Management Clinic or Doctor

From: Brenda (
Fri Apr 4 20:57:11 2003

When I first posted on the IAS message board someone sent me a list of the pain management clinics and doctors that were sympathetic towards patients who suffer from adhesions. Somehow I have misplaced that list and need to find a new doctor. As usual my current doctor has given up on me and they all seem to do the same thing. When I first go to them they are very sympathetic and tell me they will do everything they can to help me have a decent quality of life and prescribe pain medication but after about a year and all they are doing is calling in my prescriptions I think that they figure they are not making any money off me so they start giving me a hard time when it comes time to refill my medications. I never take more than prescribed and always follow thier instructions snd up to that point they have never had a problem calling them in or me picking the prescription up. They know that I will have to go somewhere else since withput my medication I am totally unanle to function and after being on the strong meds I have been on I would go through major withdrawls without them. It almost seems like that would be illegal for a doctor to do that after keeping a patient on very strong meds knowing what will happen without them taking it.It would be a different story if I abused them, but I don't, he has operated on me and seen first hand how severe the adhesions are and knows that I also have ovarian remnants that keep forming large cyst that hurt like heck, the adhesions have somehow effected my right hip down to my knee during my last surgery he said that he had to disect deep and went over into my right side to go around to the back to try and get the ovarian remnants but was not sucessful and that is when the pain started in my right hip and left groin area. If anyone has a list of doctors or a good pain management clinic in NC please either email me or post here and let me know. Wishing everyone pain free days and nights! God Bless Brenda

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