Re: Up at night???/meds

From: Kristie (
Thu Apr 3 12:13:07 2003

No Jenny, It just means my Ambian, Xanax and Oxycotin are working. It would be enough to knock out a small village of oxen......It's just enough to finally get me to sleep....thank goodness I have a doctor who understands this. I know I will have to get off all these things....and I understand. I have been through withdrawls before.....nothing with the exception of a bad childbirth ( that causes adhesions) is as bad as withdrawls. But I have to sleep. I have anxiety really bad probably because of the pain. I don't know if you all have that as well...... I really like my pain doctor...if anyone is in or by central california....I'd go to him. Central Valley Pain Clinic....Modesto California. I go to Patrick Rhoades. I am a Mormon. I have a problem taking and being an addict. But I worked though it and I know God want's me to be a wife and mom and grandma to the best of my ability.....hope that makes sense Kristie

At Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Jenny wrote: >
>Hey everyone,
>It looks like I am the only one up late at night in pain since I am the
>only one posting at these hours! I hope this means that you are all
>getting a good nights rest with no pain or interruptions. I love you

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