Kristie...Re: sweats, pain and tingling

From: Jenny (
Thu Apr 3 01:31:23 2003

Dear Kristie,

You are not old!!! I understand where you are coming from though. I am about to be 37, and I know that is really not old at all, but this pain makes me really feel old at times. There are days when I am hurting so bad that I feel I don't want to continue either, at least not in pain like this. But I am a Christian too and would and could not ever do that to my family. I look at them and know I have so much to live for. And as the saying goes "God is not finished with me yet!" I will be praying for you.

Love and hugs, Jenny

At Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Kristie wrote: >
>Hi Jenny,
>Yes I am an old lady at 48 and I had a hystorectomy at 29. I had a
>stroke in 1998 so they will do a MRI on me from time to time if I am
>doing some thing weird. But my stroke was in my pon's area. The little
>spots they are now finding is in my frontal lobe. Plus with all the
>other problems...they just suspected MS. But the rheumotoligist said I
>don't have it. Lupis is still out there...maybe. But he thinks I am
>just throwing a possitive to the blood work.
>If I can get my pain under control...which I can some days thanks to the
>meds..then I am ok. I do have times where I just want to check it all
>in. You all do too....I am very religious and that won't happen. Maybe
>I just like drama after all?

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