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Wed Apr 2 06:50:06 2003

At Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Jenny wrote: >
>Have you had a hysterectomy or on any type of hormones, including birth
>control pills? In 1989 my sister died of a cerebral hemorrhage. I was
>having migraines all the time so my doctor (PCP) ordered an MRI on me.
>It showed a spot or lesion on my brain. So the PCP sent me to a
>neurologist. The first thing he asked me was if I was taking birth
>control pills. When I said yes, he said not any more, you're not. He
>said that birth control pills can cause young women to have small
>strokes and it will leave a lesion on their brain. So I can never again
>take birth control pills. IT almost would have been better for me if I
>could have since I form cysts on the ovaries so badly and would have
>kept the endometriosis down. It could also be a side effect to your
>medications. I have problems with my arms going to sleep especially
>when I am sleeping. The left arm and hand go numb and sometimes ache
>really bad all the way up into my shoulder. I have carpal tunnel in
>that arm. The doctor says I am probably sleeping in a strange way to
>where the circulation is being cut off in the other hand and arm. Your
>pain medications can also cause you to crave sweets. I try and read the
>printout that the pharmacy gives me when I get my prescriptions. And I
>have noticed that several of the medications from the pain management
>doc that I have either tried or take now can cause an increased appetite
>for sweets. I honestly don't need any help craving sweets. My weight
>has gone up too. I eat but nothing wants to come out the other end. So
>it just sits there. I am in alot of pain and have tried to exercise,
>but right now it just makes it much worse.
>The other thing you were talking about it pain or tingling in your legs.
>I do have that. I hurt down the backs of both legs so much so that
>sometimes I can't sleep at all. Sometimes when I am trying to go to
>sleep they just start jerking. It is really aggravating because I can't
>control it. The left leg also hurts down from the inner front thigh
>until the knee, then it goes across the knee and down the outside of the
>calf and into the top of my foot. I know that sounds crazy. I told my
>husband I knew exactly where some of my nerves are in my legs just from
>where I hurt. Funny thing is, one trip to the pain doc I was waiting
>for him to come in. I looked and he had a chart showing the human
>nerves, like a human skeleton of the nerves. So I looked to see if
>there was a nerve in the areas running where I was hurting. And there
>was! So I know I'm not looney! Anyway, I have nerve damage from the
>surgeries that is causing that pain in the legs. I also am still numb
>on a big part of my tummy, lower pelvic area down through the left groin
>and the upper inside of my left thigh.
>I sure hope this helps in some way. Just keep searching and educating
>yourself. These ladies and gentlemen here are so wonderful. I cannot
>even express to them how appreciative I am for all of them. I really
>gain my strength from my friends here. I hope you find the answers you
>are looking for. Stick around and I am sure you will as well as make
>some great friends along the way.
>Love and hugs,
>At Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Kristie wrote:
>>I am learning amazing things on here. I really thought I was the only
>>one going through all this and that everyone thought I was crazy. I
>>have a big question now though...why am I having sweats? Seems you do
>>to? Is it the meds? And I either strave myself or crave junk. My wieght
>>is up and down. Any idea's. I like my pain doctor. He is the only one
>>that will really help me. But I am getting more advice from you people.
>>One more biggie...I am on the fence between having lupis or MS..any of
>>you people have tingling, "pins and needles" on your legs and arms? My
>>blood test show postivie for anti DNA. And I have spots on my frontal
>>lobe for my MRI's. I don't want to have more than one medical problem.
>>So if someone here can help me with this...I would really appreciate it.

I woke up and decided to check the message board, because I am usually
pain free for the first hour.  Why I do not now, but I take it as
a gift.  i had to respond to the numbness in your hand and arm.  I
also suffer from that, but really do not pay attention to it at all. It
seems to be the least of my problems right now.  My whole right hand
and now arm goes numb.  I have to shake it to get any feeling back into it.
It especially occurs when my arm is over my head.
My husband and I decided we are definitely goint to see Dr. Reich on 3/8.
I am not getting anywhere at home, do not ever believe NY has the
best doctors in the world.  Or maybe I just have not found any.
Well, here's to a good day for everyone.

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