Re: Tubal Ligation...Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS)

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Tue Apr 1 07:02:50 2003

At Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Jo Eslick wrote: >
>Yes Helen, I did have a tubal ligation after Jessica was born via c-section,
>the Gyno did it at the same time. I did experience increased pain after
>that. I also noticed that my periods got heavier with a lot more clotting.
>I had been experiencing pain prior to that pregnancy, and infact had three
>miscarriages between Jess & Katie. However my health declined rapidly after
>that delivery & procedure.
>If you need further information, let me know.
>Jo (Australia)
> My 33 year old daughter had a tubal 8 months ago and she is in bad shape. She has night sweats, no sex drive and is extremely irritable. I am so stressed out over this as she trusts her doctor completely and he is sending her to an endocrinologist? She has a full time job, a younger husband, a 4 yr old son and an 8 month old girl. I pray they won't suggest hysterectomy.
>>From: "Helen Dynda" <>
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>>Subject: Tubal Ligation...Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS)
>>Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 13:03:15 -0500
>>If you have had a tubal ligation in the past; and developed problems with
>>pain after this surgery, did your doctor suggest another surgery? If so,
>>what was the result of your surgery? Did you have adhesions at that time?
>>I have heard alot about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS); and I know
>>there is a website on the Internet (Website is below)for people who have
>>had tubal ligations.
>>Since a tubal ligation is a surgical procedure - and all surgeries will
>>cause adhesions - I wonder if the pain of PTLS isn't also caused by
>>I don't know of anyone personally, who has had this procedure. So if you
>>have had a tubal ligation, would you share your experience on the Message
>>Board. If you would rather share your experience privately, please email
>>me at:
>>[]] Coalition for Post Tubal Women
>>* NOTE: When I did a search on Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome, 23 websites
>>were listed!!!

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