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Law enforcement veterans against the drug warLadies, lets support these pain issues. We need all the help we can get

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> Introduction to LEAP
> A unique drug reform group, LEAP (http://www.leap.cc) opened their doors on July
> 14, 2002. The main focus of this group is to educate governmental
> legislative bodies, the media, and the public.
> What makes this group so unique is LEAP is comprised of current and former
> police officers, who speak from a position of professional experience when
> articulating the absolute futility of an incarceration approach to drug
> policy and the public-safety harms resulting from the current drug policies.
> Led by Jack A. Cole, a retired Lieutenant with a 26-year career in the New
> Jersey State Police and 12 years as an undercover narcotics officer, LEAP,
> which stands for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, symbolizes the first
> crack in the monolithic myth that all police officers support the "war on
> drugs."
> Modeled after "Vietnam Veterans Against the War," LEAP members believe a
> system of regulation rather than prohibition is more effective in lowering
> the prevalence of crime, disease, death, and addiction.
> International in scope, LEAP is increasing its membership around the world
> but focusing on the drug policies of the United States of America since they
> tend to steer the policies of many other nations. We hope to soon develop
> speakers for all 50 states, as well as the 10 provinces of Canada.
> LEAP has a significant and respected advisory board consisting of:
> The Honorable Warren W. Eginton, Senior US District Court Judge, Bridgeport,
> Connecticut;
> The Honorable Gary E. Johnson, Governor of the State of New Mexico;
> The Honorable John L. Kane, Senior US District Court Judge, Denver, Colorado;
> The Honorable Whitman Knapp, Senior US District Court Judge, Manhattan, New
> York;
> Sheriff Bill Masters, Sheriff of San Miguel County, Colorado;
> Mr. Joseph McNamara, former Chief of Kansas City, Missouri and San Jose,
> California Police Departments;
> Mr. Patrick V. Murphy, former Police Commissioner of the New York City
> Police Department;
> Mr. Nick Pastore, former Chief of the New Haven, Connecticut Police
> Department; and
> The Honorable Robert W. Sweet, Senior US District Court Judge, Manhattan,
> New York.
> Please take a minute to visit our website (http://www.leap.cc) to learn more about
> us.
> We ask all reformers to forward this press release to all their contacts and
> help publicize LEAP's website. We need to grow quickly if we are to become a
> major force in the legislative debates and ballot questions this fall.
> Tambíen se habla español.
> Jack A. Cole
> Executive Director
> Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
> 27 Austin Road, Medford, MA 02155
> 781-393-6985
> jackacole@leap.cc
> http://www.leap.cc

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