Re: When Friends Turn Away: We've all had the feeling of loss when people turn away.

From: Tish (
Tue Jul 30 18:54:04 2002

Dearest Rose, I am so sorry that your friends have hurt you like makes me very sad to think of such things happening to anyone, As if you dont have enough pain in your have your good friends turn on you like that is just so sad...but i guess they probably werent such good friends after all huh..and maybe now you guys have room in your life to find real friends. Its just unreal that you posted about this today...because just today i was talking to my very best friend ..she asked what i was doing and i told her i had just got back from the Pharmacy picking up a prescription..and she said ohh what for now..and i told her what it was for ..and she said.."Well what else is going to go wrong with you?? i think you just need a full body transplant or a mind transplant one"....Well i just blew it off because i was about to bawl..and she said just kidding, but man oh man if your own best friend doesnt believe in your pain and afflictions why would Drs and the rest of the world. So needless to say Rose..i was devastated too..and i just dont know how to handle this. My daughter in law said that maybe i took what she said wrong ..but i dont think so..i think my friend is just tired of hearing about my illness. So i guess we all have to stick together and be the support that we need from each other huh..since we do in fact understand each others problems.

Again im sorry for your pain .. HUGS and LOVE Tish

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