Re: Tish and her Mom

From: Tish (
Tue Jul 30 12:14:00 2002

Dear Chrissy, You are just the sweetest peach in the peck.. Thank you so much for all your well wishes and prayer for Mom and i alike. I did tell my Mom what you said and i even printed the note you sent ..and let her read it ..and if i had had my camera with me i would have taken a pic..because you did bring a smile to her face..Thank You Very Much for that.. She is your classic little old lady..and happy moments are sometimes few and far between..and just knowing that you cared enough about her baby girl write and pray for us, was one of those precious moments.. o pleas know in your heart Chrissy that you have touched the lives of my a beautifully simple way...and i believe in my soul that you will get extra jewels in your crown ..for having such a caring and sweet spirit. God Bless You. Hugs and Love Tish P,.S we go for MRIs on her head and neck tomorrow..and i will surely keep you updated.

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