Re: Well just another thing to bring me down more!

From: Tish (
Mon Jul 29 16:36:39 2002

Ohh Dear Brenda...Darn this terrible affliction..that is robbing us of a normal life huh. I feel so bad for you..its bad enought to suffer from this monster pain..but to be denied your disability because of it is just a big slap in the face.. I know that it is hard..but Brenda we just have to keep fighting ..we cannot take no for an just have to get right back in the groove and re apply or whatever you have to get this going..someone told me once before mine came through to go to Welfare an apply and tell them that you have applied for disability and were turned down..and that welfare might help you fight for your disability as well.and it may work sure cant hurt to try. But one thing is for sure absolutely cannot give up..We have to keep fighting i am holding you up in special prayer ok.. Praying for strength and keep going ok. Hugs and Love Tish

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