Re: Well just another thing to bring me down more!

From: clare (
Mon Jul 29 15:15:47 2002

Dear Brenda:

Don't give up. I'm sending you a private email - please read it. It will have the name of a TO law firm who may be able to recommend someone in Ottawa. (Yes, there are barristers here who help those with diabilities).

Hang in there.



At Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Brenda wrote: > >Well as you all know it has not been a very good week at all. To top >things off went and got my mail, and to my surp[rise disabiltiy has >turned me down again. Now I have to take it to the tribunal this is >getting so discouraging what is a person suppose to do. I just feel >that this is a lost cause and give up I am sorry I know I can't but I >have had enough. The pressure of everything is getting to me and I >can't take this any longer. I have been crying all mornign just can't >seem to stop. I know that I have to be strong to fight with them but >after all the fighting I will do I am just scared that they will turn to >me and say nope it is not a disability and you can go to work. I might >not be on for a while cause I have to figure things out I am just at my >end and this has done it for me.

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