Re: Sweet Raven....Did you know c-sections are......?

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Jul 29 10:59:15 2002


Did you know that c-sections are one of the causes of adhesions? ANY surgical procedure IS!!

I hope there is the possibility for your grandson to be born without having his mommy having to undergo a c-section.

Though a vaginal delivery is very painful, having to live with adhesions is a worse curse!!!


At Mon, 29 Jul 2002, wrote: >
>I don't post on the boards much. Usually respond to people via personal email
>addresses. How have you been? I have been having some real devil pain days.
>My test is next week. I have tenative plans to go to Germany the end of
>September. Have to wait until my grandson is born. They are going to do a
>c-section Aug 20th.
>Talk to you soon.
>Hugs and kisses,

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