Chantale - Finally on Percocet

Mon Jul 29 10:04:35 2002

Hi Sweet Chantale - so nice seeing you post. I know you've been in some devil pain and I'm glad that you've finally received something for your pain. When I was on oxycontin it took about 2-3 weeks for the nausea to go away. As I felt sick to my tummy taking them the only reason why I continued was because it helped me dull my devil pain. I too had the percocet for break through pain. I say give it some time sweets and all will be just fine. Hugs and love, ~Chrissie xo's PS - you may find you will have constipation with taking the oxy. I bought some over the counter equate and took 1-2 pills before I went to bed and that helped me to have a normal BM the next day. ")

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