MANY questions about adhesions

From: Christine Lake (
Sun Jul 28 13:33:39 2002

Hi everyone! I've only been here a few days, so I have a lot to learn, and I'm sure a lot of these questions have been asked before. You've all been so caring and wonderful, so I'm hoping for some answers. Here are my questions:

1) I have low back and pelvic pain that worsens when I start moving around and doing stuff, and it's especially painful when I eat. Does anyone experience this?

2) Does it make sense that it's adhesions causing the pain?

3) Could it still be adhesions even though the pain lessens and will sometimes go completely away when I don't eat and have been still for a while?

4) Are there ANY tests out there that can diagnose adhesions without surgery?

5) I've been taking 3 Vicodin ES a day for almost 3 months now. Could this be contributing to my pain?

6) Now that I've been taking Vicodin so long, could I be more sensitive to pain?

7) When I've been standing for a while at work I start to get back pain that a little higher and I feel like I'm going to pass out. It continues to hurt when I walk around, but I don't feel faint. Only when I'm standing for a few minutes. Does anyone experience this?

8) Is surgery really the answer to release adhesions? Has this worked for anyone? What keeps the adhesions from growing back? Have other alternatives worked for anyone?

9) Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I go off of the Vicodin completely? If yes, how bad would they be?

That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure I will have more. Thanks so much for your help!!

Christine Lake

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